Developers free resources- Learn for free & get certified

Developers free resources- Learn for free & get certified

Free courses from Harvard, MIT, Google, Stanford, Duke, Yale, etc

Many people get stuck while learning how to code cause they don't find good resources. And I was also in the same position few years ago. So, here are few free resources to learn how to code and some of them even offer free certificate while some charges(for certificate only).

Let's start:


Official google developers teach you CSS with great examples. They even do CSS podcasts (they are really energetic and engaging).

2. HarvardX

Here you find great tutorials from Harvard professors for free. Dive deep into programming concepts and enhance your knowledge about Computer Science.


Learn javascript from introduction to asynchronous JavaScript for free. You get a integrated code editor while learning and you get some quizes also to test what you've learned.

4. MIT Openlearning library

Another top university offering free courses ranging from Mathematics for CS to Machine Learning.

5. FreeCodeCamp

A great learning resource that is completely free. Get courses from learning responsive web design to data visualization and machine learning. They even have YouTube channel with over 4M subscribers.

6. TheOdinProject

Their full stack curriculum is free and supported by a passionate open source community. Learn fullstack web development with JavaScript and Ruby on Rails.

7. Stanford online

Another well known top university for Computer Science located near Silicon Valley. Definitely worth a visit.

8. Khanacademy

Khan Academy is an American non-profit educational organization that provides free courses for learners who wants to learn Computer programming, Science, Maths and many more.


Yeah, they do provide courses from Harvard, MIT, Stanford but they also provide courses from other great universities. Like this one Introduction to linux.


They collaborate with 200+ leading universities and companies and provide great contents and programs. You can audit most courses for free but you have to pay for certificate.

At end I want to mention 3 more:

Hope you liked these resources. If you know other resources then let me know about them in comment. And what will you do with certificate - nothing. So I recommend getting valuable knowledge.

Go take courses of Harvard universities for free if you want to learn deep concepts about computer, network and programming. The professor is very energetic and engaging.