I tried Machine Learning for a day

I tried Machine Learning for a day

Here is why I stopped machine learning after a few hours of getting started.

I haven't yet started to learn about Machine Learning. I have a simple definition of Machine Learning. Let's see if that changes at the end of the day.

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ML before learning

According to my understanding, if a computer is trained to detect an algorithm to process some data on the basis of input and output provided to it then it is called Machine Learning. Simply put, if I want to identify if the picture is that of a cat or a dog then I will take lots of images of dogs and cats and give them to the computer and I will also tell the computer if the image is that of a cat or a dog. Meaning I am providing input as well as output and I am expecting the machine to figure out its own way to identify them.

Now the machine can tell if the picture provided is that of a cat or of a dog.

ML after learning

Today I learned, Machine Learning is the science of getting computers to learn without being explicitly programmed. Some of the common examples of the use of Machine learning are:

  • Search Engine's algorithm to rank the websites
  • Movie/video recommendation by video streaming services
  • Asking the voice assistant to perform some task on your behalf
  • Email spam detection

How it started?

I started ML in a month of October. Yes, the same month when hacktoberfest is organized. It was my first hacktoberfest, I wanted to do some real contributions to the open-source projects. My main focus was on doing meaningful contributions. Actually, Hacktoberfest was one of the main reasons why I started Machine Learning.

MindsDB was organizing the Hacktoberfest special event/challenges for the month of October. And the prize was one of the things that I got attracted to. It was a Razer Blade 15 Laptop. I mean you are getting a laptop with all of the high-end specs. Who doesn't want it?

Resources I explored

Why did I quit?

I realized that I was learning a lot of things at the same time. I think I am a good Multitasker but I know I am not. And this is what happened to me. I was understanding the issues of open-source projects. Continuously, I was learning new tools and ways to solve those issues. Even if I wasn't able to contribute to those projects, I learned about them a bit more.

At the same time, I was building some side projects. One of them was a Email status finder, I named it Mailsbe. And another major project I built was the GitHub Lines of code calculator. It calculates how many lines of code you have written till now and in which language. Simultaneously, I was improving my video editing skills. And I was making some videos.

By this point, you may have understood that I didn't have time for a new thing. I was not even prepared. On top of that, I am very bad at managing time. Yes, too bad. I watched some videos of machine learning on the first day then I had a very long gap (a week-long). And when I resit to learn ML, I forgot what I have learned. Then I told myself that I am not doing this thing now.

Do I regret it now?

Absolutely not. I am a javascript developer and to get started with Machine Learning, I had to start with Python. And I only know the very basics of Python. A new learning curve would have been added. And I only had a month-long vacation. After this I knew I will not have a minute gap in my studies, yes it is painful to learn Chemistry and Maths in High School.

Instead of being completely lost, I have contributed to some projects and I now know the basics of Docker. If I hadn't quit ML, I would still have fear of using Docker. One thing lost to gain another thing has been true for me.

When I will restart ML?

To the best of my knowledge, I am not starting any soon. Not before a year, I will start after being graduated from High School. Till then, I will be a javascript developer and I will learn more about Nextjs and javascript in a more advanced way.

This was all I had to share. If you want to give any suggestions to me, my DM is always open at @aashishpanthi11.