Just debugging and debugging

Just debugging and debugging

Yes, I am debugging the whole day.

Hi there, wanna know who is writing this blog?

Oh look, it's a frustrated developer. Tired of debugging the whole day now saw an announcement from Hashnode Townhall.

Yes, it's me. And I was frustrated the whole day and still, I am and in this frustration, I don't know if I will be funny or just throw up some garbage about programming. Anything can happen, but before that let me give you an idea of why I am so frustrated.

The context

Look, I have made an API using c#. And before you make a meme out of me for using c# ko make an API. Please let me inform you that I know and I can make a REST API using nodejs and express. So there is a reason why I chose c# for the API. It was my assignment to use c# and make something out of it. Being very lazy and clever, I thought making an API would be very easy to do.

If you have made an API using c#, I feel sorry for you. And you should also feel the same for me😥. Please.

I didn't know heck many things are involved in making a REST API using c#. First of all connect it to a database, which is a nightmare in itself. And second of all, I need to test it out. I wonder if there would be something that would automatically correct my program's bug before I test. Encountering a bug in a code is really painful, trust me😅 And especially when you don't know that is the reason, then it gets juicy.


Welcome to the most confusing word of my life after being a developer cause I don't know when I hear this word if I need to be sad or get excited. Debugging is really that pain that you can't get rid of and that you also don't want at the same time. But our loved god just likes to drop it in our career and if it is a coincidence or not, there is literally a gap of 5 minutes between two moments: the bug is resolved, and shit, another one.

Also when the bug is resolved, you really get happiness on another level. And god, this debugging thing really teaches me the things that I never learned in my programming class and not even on youtube from an Indian guy.

My pain 😨

Ok, I can't still get out of it. So, allow me to throw all of my pain here. Somehow, I managed to make the API and but when I tried to host it creating a droplet on digitalocean, I got million other errors. And again when I successfully deployed it, I of course needed a frontend to do the request. GET request worked, but POST didn't. I want to be a kind guy, but the words I got in my mind, I just can't write them up here.

The present pain🥱

Yes, I am still in pain. In fact, the intensity is much higher. Yesterday, I slept in a chill thing my project is done. Yes, I completed the front end and hosted it successfully using netlify. And my friend Rajesh Khadka asked me to provide a URL of my app to try out. I gave him and he told me things are not working well.

Inside of my brain, there was a red alarm that was ringing just like the red alarm⏰ that buzzed on Google Headquarters after the success of chatGPT. So leaving my all other work aside, I jumped right into it. And it is dark now. Meaning it's evening and I am debugging from the morning. Oh hell, I spent more than 10 hours and still I am getting more and more new bugs.

I hate those bugs but to name some

  • CORS error

  • API endpoint mismatch error

  • UI not being refreshed error

  • If your front end has https, you can't request HTTP. Yes, that's also a bug in my app.

  • Unknown bug

  • Unnamed bug

and many more.


I would have written the conclusion but my boy I need to go debug. Who knows I might resolve those things now🤷‍♂️.