Me & Javascript: 4 years in 4 minutes

Me & Javascript: 4 years in 4 minutes

Here is my four years of learning journey in four minutes

At this date, I can call myself a full-stack javascript developer. Let me walk you through my learning journey of javascript.

How it all started

The beginning of my javascript career, Aashish Panthi

It all started back in 2019 when I was in 9th grade. I was somewhat familiar with HTML and CSS but I saw a really awesome YouTube video where the guy was teaching to make an interactive website. As a noob, I tried to code along and in the middle of the tutorial, the guy started writing some words that neither looked like HTML code nor CSS styling. In fact, I thought he was writing a comment as it looked like a simple English language with some grammatical mistakes.

Just a few seconds after, the guy says Ok this is how we select an element in javascript. Let me tell it again, he said the word javascript.

After this sudden accident, I had to search for the buzzword that just came out of his mouth. I searched what is javascript on YouTube.

Till this time, I used to search for any query on YouTube and watch the videos there. Instead of being greeted with horrible words on google. But days have changed. Now I am writing my own blogs and you are reading it. #progress #peace

I think I built the project along with that guy. I don't correctly remember but maybe something like this must have happened.

Why I chose javascript?

Later on, I had a choice of other high-level programming languages like python, ruby, go but I committed to staying with javascript. I know you will laugh at me if I share the real reason but anyway here it is. I watched some guys on YouTube about these programming languages. I don't want to name them but one guy was saying that Ruby is dead and another guy was saying that lots of bugs will occur if you miss the whitespace in python.

As a newbie, I trusted them. Anyone new here, please don't trust those guys. Ruby is going great till now and I am using python, indentation and spacing is not that great issue. But for now, my will is to learn golang.

Projects I built

My javascript projects Aashish Panthi

I don't have a clear idea about the first project I built using javascript but I built a rock paper scissors game. I don't exactly have the source code, but I have a video that you can watch available on one of my discontinued youtube channels. I have also built my own scrollspy using vanilla javascript.

I am not able to find other projects I built using vanilla javascript. So let's just look at the project I built using javascript frameworks/libraries:

  1. Population visualizer using D3.js.
  2. My first app using Reactjs.
  3. Facebook clone using Reactjs.
  4. YouTube clone using Youtube API using Reactjs.
  5. COVID-19 tracker using Reactjs.

Let me introduce you to my latest projects:

  1. Attendance taking mobile application using React Native.
  2. A NFT marketplace using Reactjs.
  3. A search engine using MERN.
  4. Web scraper for search engine using puppeteer.
  5. A price tracker bot using cheerio.
  6. Code typing test app using Reactjs.

Am I regretting the decision?

No, giphy gif

No, I am not regretting my decision to learn javascript. In fact, I have built so many projects that I am even more eager to learn javascript concepts and other javascript libraries.

And it is also true that I want to learn new programming languages but at the present date, I am able to call myself a developer because I know how to do certain things using javascript.


To conclude my learning experience, I can say that javascript has been a really powerful weapon for me that I always use while I am entering the code war. And thanks to javascript, I have won some good hackathons conducted by Hashnode. At this point, I want to take a moment and thank Eleftheria Batsou and Ayodele Samuel Adebayo for their continuous support on discord.

Yes, I love javascript. I am learning javascript and will keep on learning javascript. As there are lots of packages available for almost everything, I think if I keep my bond with javascript, I can learn everything from making a desktop application, and website to doing machine learning.

At last, I just want to say Dear javascript developers let's have a drum roll. I can also hear the sound on Twitter.