My best community experience

My best community experience

I am not very new to the development field. I have been hacking things out for the last three years. Until now, I have been a part of many offline and online developer communities ranging from the same city to the city on the opposite end of the globe.

I have tried different platforms, and also had a conversation with many developers. So let me present to you the communities that I will be part of in the future and also the communities that I don't want to be a part of in the future. Let's start with some good things:

Best Communities

Just straight out of the box, let me present to you the communities that I think being part of is worth it.

  1. Discord community

  2. Twitter

  3. Instagram design pages

  4. NotJust dev community

  5. Sagarmatha Development Community

  6. ICT club at my school

Now that I mentioned these communities, let me share why I love these communities. And I want to go serially from top to bottom.

  1. Discord Community

    I like discord. I like the fact that it is simple to use and the notification sound that I hear just feels good. I am a part of my communities on discord. Some of the communities are WeMakeDevs, Hashnode, ReactPlay Blog, Appwrite.

    You may ask what is so special about discord. There are other platforms too like Reddit. My answer to that is yes there are platforms like Reddit but the friendliness I have with discord is on the next level. The fact that you have a bot integrated, you have voice channels, and you have different channels inside of a single server. These all are quite a few reasons.

    Not only that, but I have also helped and taken help from a few other discord users who are also developers.

  2. Twitter

    One thing to note is that Twitter is not only for politicians to make announcements or for celebrities to spread controversies, it is also a platform that has helped many developers grow in their life. On Twitter, I have the freedom to ask anything to any developer that can be an intern of MAANG or a senior developer of a startup next door with just one tweet.

    I can follow my role models, reach out to them if I need some assistance, or can ask them for referrals to get my new job. Also, Randal Kanna mentioned in her book Standout Developer how she got a boost from Twitter. If you want to check it out, here it is

    Not going to lie, one of the reasons why I am on Twitter is because of Elon, and another because of the free tips and resources that are being served on Twitter thread for free.

  3. Instagram Design Pages

    While you don't talk a lot on those pages but you really get inspired by those designs that are sick. Yep, I get jealous of the designs there is more that I learn. Yet I think I can improve a bit by continuously following some UI/UX tips from those talented designers.

  4. NotJust dev community

    It is more of a closed community that you get access to once you buy one of the courses from NotJust Academy. And a quick disclaimer I have not purchased any courses and I don't motivate or influence you to buy one. I have go the course as a prize.

    You can ask any questions about mobile application development using React Native and the community will help you out.

  5. Sagarmatha Developer Community

    Sometimes when you talk with folks outside of your country, they don't know about the market condition near you. What are the technologies that are being used around you also don't have connections to get a quick job near you live, so it is always better to have a local/national community of developers that know each other better.

    This group has helped me a lot in the past and I am sure this will help me in a near future also.

  6. ICT club at my School

    While it is good to have a local/national developer community but nothing can be compared to a physical group of nerds like you roaming around and organizing events. So we have a club in our school and I feel great to be a part of it. In the past also, we have organized some events and in the future also we have big plans

    Just feels great to be part of the journey to make changes in so many lives of the locals. And it is one of my best offline developer communities.

Worst communities

I think it is common to disagree with certain views of some communities. And there can be an instance where you might not be happy but in my case, there is one community that I never feel is a very good one. To be very real, I cut off my relations with the community where I used to be a member.

And ladies and gentlemen, that community is Facebook groups. I don't think there is any point in joining those communities. At the end of the day, you will see posts full of promotions of a blog post or youtube channels that fill up your news feed. And sometimes people start throwing words at each other.

Yes, I am biased. I am not so big fan of Facebook. And I don't think I will be in near future. But the thing that happens in the developer group on Facebook is shit on a whole new level.


The communities I mentioned above have played a crucial role in my life and they have shaped me to be the one that I am today. I hope I will be an active member of these communities and want to contribute to these developer communities as much as possible. But if I have to pick the best community out of the communities I have discussed above it will be non-other than the discord family. And the servers I am part of.

As we know Twitter is a great place for developers too. So let's have a chitchat.