The most futuristic company

The most futuristic company

Let's start with a quick question :)

  • What do you think is the future technology?

    Well, we all like to take a sip of hot soup, right? The hot soup in today's market is Artificial Intelligence and probably most of us will say it's AI, the future technology. Let me tell you my friend AI is here, no need to search in the future. Let me take you over some examples. You use Github Copilot while writing code, Google assistance or Siri for quick search, and Grammarly while writing blogs like this. These all are artificial intelligence in one form or the other. In fact let me share more examples:

Yes, there are a lot of AIs out there but I want to point out one company from the crowd. And that company is OpenAI. I mean the potential of this company is enormous. From the developer's perspective, I am shocked at how advanced the company is and how better they have managed to build artificial intelligence.

If you go to, you will find different tools made by OpenAI.


The grammar correction tool, summarize tool, code explainer, and language translator are just awesome.


Let me show you my little conversation with the chatbot. I really had a great experience with the bot. I felt almost like I am talking with a person with the same interest as me. You can just look at our conversation and think about the programming of the chat-bot.


Note summarize

To test this out, I didn't have a cool idea and surely I didn't want to type a full text from my textbook just to get the summary of the story/poem/drama. So, I picked a dialogue from the internet.


It really summarized the conversation in sweet three lines. And I liked the way it did.

Tweeter classifier

The greatest debate about AI is can bots/AI be sentient. And OpenAI just built a product to know about the sentiment of the user while tweeting.

To test out the product, I decided to test it on my own tweets. At least I can know about the reality of the sentient analyzer. This was the tweet automatically generated by twitter itself on the anniversary. I didn't write it but while tweeting it, I was happy. So here is the tweet.

And here is the result:


It really did a great job with this. Let's check on another tweet. This time of course Elon Musk.


Looks like Elon really liked his friend's advice.


I am really excited to share this tool/project of openAI with you all. The whole internet is burning with one question Will AI replace graphic designers?. This is all due to the DALL.E. of openAI.

You have to apply for access to the DALL.E. first and when they grant access, you can access the tool. I was lucky as I didn't have to wait for too long. But now I have access, so let's explore. Remember the sky is the limit. Let's be limitless for a few seconds.


The results are not exactly what I thought. Maybe I wasn't able to convey my thoughts in a few words but the results are mindblowing. I mean who in this world can give your four designs in less than five seconds?

Oh, I just noticed a surprise me button on the top right corner of the page. Let's see how we can be surprised.

Surprise surprise... image.png

Wow, what a great piece of art it is. Excellent! A loved the way openAI is progressing.

The future is based upon technology and the great piece of technology is of course Artificial Intelligence. Of course, there is no doubt that Google, IBM, and other companies are working in this field but OpenAI always comes with a bang. And also the company was started by Elon Musk, one of the humans that thinks about artificial intelligence deeply. This company is the inspiration behind me and my motivation for programming and technology. And whenever I remember OpenAI, my mind always tells me to learn machine learning. Maybe I will do that soon.

Looks like we reached the end of the article. If you want to ask DALL.E. to generate some design for you, then you can drop your instruction below in the comment or ping me up on Twitter.