Hackathons - Dev Retro 2022

Hackathons - Dev Retro 2022

I won more than $1800 taking part in 15+ hackathons, this is how

My first hackathon was this year, and I have completed nearly 15 online hackathons this year. Let me share my journey, achievements, and my failures.


According to me, Hackathons are no more than (mostly) the use of new technology to solve a particular program in the minimum time possible. Also, most of them have swags and prizes.


Nah Nah Nah, It isn't that much money, but you get in a fair amount. Let me now share my participation and achievements.

My participation

I have won quite good prizes from taking part in hackathons this year. And I learned a heck lot of things just because I took part in hackathons.

Let me just create a timeline of hackathons:

1. Thirdweb x Hashnode

It was organized by our very own thirdweb and hashnode. I didn't have any idea but it was on January 2022. Meaning I started hackathons at the beginning of 2022. Yes, it feels strange now knowing when I started.

It was my first hackathon so I just wrote a lot of thing, now let me just wirte in short.


It was my first web3 project. I learned about metamask wallet, and how to use the Ethereum network. And most important of all, I learned data once written can't be erased from the blockchain. This is the only reason why I haven't continued in web3 afterward.

2. Netlify x Hashnode

  • Date: February 2022

  • Duration: 1 month

  • Won? -> Nah

  • Tech to use: Netlify

  • Project: A place to write your last wish and fulfill others


I learned to use netlify better. I used netlify form submissions with React. I used firebase, I used to be scared of it at that time. Also, learned to edit videos (for demo).

3. Hasura x Hashnode


The very new thing I learned during this hackathon is that fonts have different widths . Also, monospace letters have equal width.

4. Linode x Hashnode


In this hackathon, I learned web scraping using puppeteer. Also, to host a MERN web app on a raw linux server and map to a domain using Nginx.

Two hackathons in a row. Oh boy, that was epic.

5. Redis x Dev.to


In this hackathon, I enhanced my learning of web scraping using puppeteer. Also, to host a MERN web app on a raw digital ocean droplet and map it to a domain using Nginx. And using Redis as a database on its top.

Wow, three in a row 😅

6. Aws Amplify x Hashnode

  • Date: September 2022

  • Duration: 1 month

  • Won? -> Nah

  • Tech to use: AWS Amplify

  • Project: Generate a dev card with the number of lines of code you have written

7. NASA Spaceapps hackathon

  • Date: October 2022

  • Duration: 36 hours

  • Won? -> Nah

  • Tech to use: NASA APIs

  • Project: International Space Station tracker

After this, Hacktoberfest started and I started taking part in a lot of hackathons. Let me share only few of them in details.

8. Nhost x ReacPlay


In this hackathon, I learned pixel tracking. Also, to use Nhost as a database, doing Graphql requests, and use Nhost serverless functions.

9. Notjust.dev x Nhost x Stream


In this hackathon, I learned to build a mobile application with React Native. Also, to use Stream for chat messaging.

10. Steel city code

11. Findcoder.io x locofy.ai

12. Medusa js hackathon

13. Inov-8-hackathon

14. MongoDB x Dev.to

I don't even remember other hackathons😅.

Yes, I don't have any experience with offline hackathons, I know some of the rules and time periods but for the most, I have only participated in a 5-hour-long offline competition (which I will not call a hackathon). At least I have participated in some online hackathons, so here is my experience with online hackathons.


I feel great looking at my hackathon journeys, I built a lot of good projects this year. And want to build a lot more. Before that let me share some of my achievements here:

Got a participation certificate from steel city codes

120kg CO2 offset

Special prize from Notjust.dev

Got a participation certificate from the Medusa hackathon

Third position

Findcoder.io hackathon participation certificate

NASA Spaceapps participation certificate

Linode hackathon winner


To summarize the whole journey, I got various opportunities to learn more stuffs, explore new technologies, and engage with the community. Most importantly I was able to manage some time for these events. I don't know how but I passed two exams during these hackathons. I have also participated in other hackathons but I didn't find any room to fit that in here so I left it.