Looking back to year 2022 - DevRetro

Looking back to year 2022 - DevRetro

What are the things I learned in 2022, my developer journey.

Hola, everyone. This is Aashish Panthi here.

First of all, COVID disappeared completely which was the happiest moment of my whole year 2022.

Let's get the context

Just like I learned some words in Spanish, I learned quite a few words in the programming world. This is my third year in development if I have to start from the beginning but my first year as a serious developer. And I want to give you the context of what I will discuss.

Little spoiler ahead, I am new to the programming world and got a lot of exposure this year. So from right on, a nerd developer will be the one taking with you, sound good?๐Ÿ˜….

I have a lot to share today and I am in a good mood for writing, so only one blog to reflect on my whole year's journey will not be enough (in my opinion). So, I might break it down into 3 - 4 blog articles.

1. My open-source contribution

To start, 2022 was the most productive year as a developer for me. I mean just look at my contribution graph.

contribution graph of aashish panthi

Yes, I have made more than 1,000 contributions this year. I learned how to open up issues, how to open a pull request, and also to merge the pull request. Overall, I learned how to contribute to open source. I have shared more of it here.

2. My learnings in 2022

No, I didn't learn any blockchain technology this year but made a project using thirdweb this year. Not very much that's just a fanboy trying out hot in tech.

From markup languages to high-level programming languages, from localhost to cloud, from free services to surprise billing, from using open source projects to contributing to them, and from watching videos to creating them for the community, I have come a long way and when I look back, I don't feel like it was just another year with only 365 days. I feel like the year was long.

I have added quite a few good technologies to my skills list on my CV and also put a few more on my bucket list for 2023. But I want to reflect more on my learnings this year. So, I decided to go for a separate article.

3. My first Hackathons

As I mentioned, this is my first year as a serious developer which definitely means I did a lot of good things that developers do. And one of them is to challenge themselves to learn new technologies and develop a solution for a problem in a very less amount of time.

Yes, according to me, Hackathons are no more than (mostly) the use of new technology to solve a particular program in the minimum time possible.

I have won quite good prizes from taking part in hackathons this year. And learned heck lot of things just because I took part in hackathons. I took part in more than 15 online hackathons and I am on the way to the offline hackathon in 2023.

Among those 15 hackathons, 5 of them were organized by Hashnode with some sponsors. And I became a winner on one of them while I became runner up in the next one.

Earlier this year, I wrote an article sharing my online hackathon experience but this one might cover all of the experiences I want to share.

4. My projects this year

This is by far the most interesting section of my article and I am also most interested to share about it. Throughout this year, I build many projects. I built 2 mobile applications this year.

As you already might have guessed, I didn't know a bit about mobile application development prior but this year I took the fear out of me and developed two mobile applications.

You can just look at my projects by going to my GitHub profile. But let me share all of my projects here with short descriptions.

The projects are organized according to the date of creation.

S.N.NameTypeDescriptionSource codeDemo link
1.HostquewebsiteA web template for cloud hosting provider.github.com/aashishpanthi/hostquehostque.netlify.app
2.NFTquewebsiteA NFT marketplacegithub.com/aashishpanthi/NFTquenftque.netlify.app
3.SamjhanawebsiteA place to write your last wish and fulfill othersgithub.com/aashishpanthi/samjhanasamjhana.netlify.app
4.CodyperwebsiteLearn programming while typing or vice-versagithub.com/aashishpanthi/codypercodyper.netlify.app
5.AttendeMobile applicationA mobile application for attendance takinggithub.com/aashishpanthi/attendeexpo.dev/@aashishpanthi/attende
6.LootlewebsiteTrack price of your product or stockgithub.com/aashishpanthi/lootle.livelootle.live
7.JuhuwebsiteSearch Enginegithub.com/aashishpanthi/search-enginejuhu.live
8.GitHub Lines of CodewebsiteGenerate a dev card with the number of lines of code you have writtengithub.com/aashishpanthi/github-lines-of-codedev.d35hk11gzwtpyz.amplifyapp.com
9.Hamro EarthwebsiteTrack International Space station in 3Dgithub.com/saroj-regmi/Nasa-spacehamro.earth
10.MailsbewebsiteKnow if your email was read or notgithub.com/aashishpanthi/mailsbemailsbe.netlify.app
11.FIFA World Cup updatemobile applicationA mobile app that gives you updates of world cup 2022 matchgithub.com/aashishpanthi/FIFA-World-Cupexpo.dev/@aashishpanthi/FIFA-World-Cup-2022
12.Double vote prevention systemhardware projectVoting fraud prevention using Arduino

Among these,

  • I faced the most issues in mobile application development.

  • I got stuck for a longer time during the Hardware project.

  • The most amount of mental pressure I put on was over Search Engine.

  • The projects that are very useful and working perfectly fine are lootle and mailsbe.

5. The things I am proud of

  • The projects -> I am proud of most projects I built in 2022

  • Blogs -> I have written some great blogs in 2022

  • Videos -> Learned to edit more cool videos

  • Client communications -> English is my second language so trying to use it for work also.


The thing which I am the proudest about in 2022 is doing good projects and learning from them. Also, joining developer communities, asking questions, and answering some questions there was very effective for me to grow as a developer.

I even wrote 35+ blogs this year and completed 10000+ page views on Hashnode.

In the end, I just want to say that, I am hyperactive on Twitter. We can chit-chat if you want to collaborate with me or simply have a conversation with me.