Why I don't regret being a developer

Why I don't regret being a developer

I didn't choose to be a developer in the first place and this is why I am writing this blog. I have already discussed how I ended up studying computer engineering in previous article but for us to be on the same page let me give you a brief overview.

I wanted to leave the school where I was studying because I thought it was the worst school possible. Also, my parents had an idea about the same thing but I didn't know about that until I finished my 8th-grade final examination. I joined a public school. Since it was funded by the government, there was a new course for high school students. Admission was only available for students wanting to study computer engineering there, of course after passing an entrance exam. So, I ended up passing the examination and started studying CE without my will.

How I became a developer

Remember in this context, developer means a web developer. Although I have made one mobile application, I don't want to be called as an app developer (at least till now). You don't become a developer just by joining a course. It's like being a developer after watching a five minutes video on YouTube. For the first year of high school, I was introduced to lots of projects. We had to work in teams and you know the contribution of team members in a school project

group project

Yes, the situation was the same. Luckily or unluckily I was the guy who had to build the project and submit it before the deadline. As I already said, I wasn't interested in studying computer engineering but I didn't use to hate it. Because of that, I started loving the journey of making a website. I started liking programming. That year I built four projects, the first one contains the sensitive details of classmates so I don't think I will share it. The second project is to make a website about the nearest tourist place, so I picked up Lumbini (Yes, the birthplace of lord buddha). Here it the link. You can clearly see the quality of the website. In fact, let me put the screenshot here so that you can laugh at me :)

Aashish Panthi's second web development project

And the third one I built was about the province as a whole. I used bootstrap in this project. I didn't know until this point that I can skip the pain of writing CSS code this easily. Let me include the screenshot of this project also, at least it is better than the previous one 🙂.

Aashish Panthi first time using bootstarp

And the final project was on us, we had to choose the topic and make a website out of it. For some unfortunate reason, I don't have the source code of that project. One of the reasons for not having that project's source code is that the project was built using PHP. Don't need to get offended dear PHP lover, I was joking. I also love PHP but the thing is I haven't used PHP since that project. #peace #PHP #smile

As already said, I have also built a mobile application. Umm, it was three months ago, I think so. But anyway I want to share with you the application. It was an attendance-taking application built with an expo. Here is the link to try my mobile application. I think I am allowed to attach a screenshot, right 🙂.

Aashish Panthi making mobile app

Do I regret being a developer?

To answer it simply, no I don't regret being a developer. But I only like the programming aspect of the four-year Computer Engineering course. I am certainly not interested in engineering drawing or electrical engineering inside of a CE course. I know what I faced on the way to be here, all of those courses and subjects that really don't make sense were in my curriculum.

I am grateful to be in the place where I am today. Definitely, I am not a normal student studying in a high school. I am a developer who can build some projects, participate in some hackathons and most importantly earn some good cash out of curious ideas and their implementation.

Things I learned after being a developer

This is the most important thing which makes me not regret the decision of being a developer. I feel great now. I think if you're also a developer you can relate with me.

  • One of the greatest things that one can learn from being a developer is problem-solving. Problem-solving meaning taking a big problem and dividing it into small chunks and starting working on those small chunks. Maybe they all require the same logic or different logic to solve. But the process of solving a real-world problem is what makes problem-solving the most valuable skill.

  • While I have collaborated very less on projects but I think collaboration skill is another perk that comes with being a developer. I am really an introvert, I am able to express myself here because it's a text but if you meet physically there will be a very awkward moment.

  • If you are a developer then you know the ins and outs of a website or application in general. You can inspect the website and seek on the network tab the data that's coming and leaving your computer. A developer can be secure and aware but it will be a nightmare to implement that same thing in an application for him/her. #again #peace

  • The favorite thing about being a developer is that you can automate🤖 your everyday task. I mean when I was having my online classes, there were several things I automated. I sent messages in bulk to my friends. And most recently I built a bot that can track the price of a product on a shopping site. Yep, I tracked the new MacBook price with the bot. #broke #peace

Am I happy?

This is a little bit more personal but to answer it shortly, Yes I am happy. Now the magnitude of happiness depends upon many factors. But I am grateful to be a developer. Still, I am in high school. I am not bounded by the computer engineering field, I can choose any field I like in college. Of course, that depends upon me and it should depend upon me. I am happy doing fine with my life and a little bit harsh on time management but I think I can cover the gap.

Ouch, you now know much about me. We can be friends on Twitter. #click #the-link :)